Possum is a red CKC Registered Toy Aussie.  She is about 15 pounds.

Precious is a black AKC and CKC registered toy female.  She weighs 10 pounds.



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Porche is a brown and white parti AKC Standard Poodle out of Daisy and Jake.  24 inches right now.  

Mia is a black but turning blue AKC registered standard poodle.  She is 23 inches tall and weighs about 40 pounds.  She is health tested clear.


Maggie is AKC  Registered liver and white English Springer Spaniel.  She weighs 35 pounds.

Sassy is a chocolate​ CKC mini schnauzer, she weighs 12 pounds


​JoJo is a brown AKC registered standard poodle.  She is 25 inches and 50 pounds.  Health tested clear.




Kennedy is a F1 CKC Registered Labradoodle.  She weighs 40 pounds.


​Harley is a brindle and white AKC and CKC registered Boston terrier.  She weighs about 25 pounds. JHC clear.

Rhonda is a light salt and pepper AKC registered mini schnauzer.  She is OFA tested and good.  She weighs 12 pounds.



​CeCe is a apricot CKC toy poodle.   She weighs 8 pounds.

Omega is a white chocolate CKC mini schnauzer female weighs 8 pounds

​Ginger is a white CKC registered Golden doodle.  She is 23 inches and about 40 pounds. Health tested clear.

Misty is a silver toy poodle.  She is APRI , UKCI, and CKC registered.  She weighs 7 pounds.





Penny is a CKC Registered, red and white Boston terrier.  She weighs 17 pounds.


Satin is a CKC liver and white parti mini schnauzer.  She only weighs 5 pounds.


Rosie is a chocolate and white CKC registered boston terrier.  She weighs 20 pounds. JHC Clear.



​Miley is a white CKC toy poodle female she weighs 10 pounds.

Sammie is a CKC Registered Blue Mrl Australian Shepherd.  She weighs 35 pounds.


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Peaches is a AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Black and tan, weighs about 15 pounds. 



Tessy is APRI and CKC registered mini Australian Shepherd. She is a blue Merle, and weighs about 12 pounds.


Princess is a black CKC Registered Toy poodle.  She is 9 pounds.

Lady is a black CKC registered toy poodle.  She is 8 pounds.



Our Females


Summer is a CKC Registered Black and Silver mini Schnauzer.  She weighs 12 pounds.

Piper is a blue Merle Australian Shepherd.  She is AKC and CKC registered. She weighs about 45 pounds.

Lindy is a salt and pepper AKC registered mini schnauzer.  She is OFA tested and good.  She weighs 8 pounds.


Chinelle is a CKC Registered liver and white parti Mini Schnauzer.  She weighs 10 pounds.T

Trixie is a AKC German Shepherd.  Weighs about 50 pounds.



Dixie is a cream and white AKC Standard Poodle out of Mia and Jake.  Health tested clear by parents.  24 inches right now.