Our Females



Porche is a brown and white parti AKC Standard Poodle out of Daisy and Jake.  24 inches right now.  Type your paragraph here.

Princess is a black CKC Registered Toy poodle.  She is 9 pounds.

Lady is a black CKC registered toy poodle.  She is 8 pounds.


Summer is a CKC Registered Black and Silver mini Schnauzer.  She weighs 12 pounds.

​Harley is a brindle and white AKC and CKC registered Boston terrier.  She weighs about 25 pounds. JHC clear.






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​CeCe is a apricot CKC toy poodle.  Right now she weighs 3 pounds.





Mercedes is a black and white AKC parti standard poodle.  She is Mia and Jake pup.


Rosie is a chocolate and white CKC registered boston terrier.  She weighs 20 pounds. JHC Clear.


 ​Daisy is a cream and white AKC registered standard poodle.  She is 24 inches and weighs 55 pounds.  She is a clear of DM, NEwS, Prcd-RRA. 


Omega is a white chocolate CKC mini schnauzer female weighs 8 pounds



Type your paragraph here.



​Ginger is a white CKC registered Golden doodle.  She is 23 inches and about 40 pounds. Health tested clear.

​Miley is a white CKC toy poodle female she weighs 10 pounds.

Sammie is a CKC Registered Blue Mrl Australian Shepherd.  She weighs 35 pounds.

Chinelle is a CKC Registered liver and white parti Mini Schnauzer.  She weighs 10 pounds.T


Possum is a red CKC Registered Toy Aussie.  She is about 15 pounds.


Precious is a black AKC and CKC registered toy female.  She weighs 10 pounds.

Maggie is AKC  Registered liver and white English Springer Spaniel.  She weighs 35 pounds.





Mia is a black but turning blue AKC registered standard poodle.  She is 23 inches tall and weighs about 40 pounds.  She is health tested clear.

Dixie is a cream and white AKC Standard Poodle out of Mia and Jake.  Health tested clear by parents.  24 inches right now.

Sassy is a chocolate​ CKC mini schnauzer, she weighs 12 pounds

Penny is a CKC Registered, red and white Boston terrier.  She weighs 17 pounds.

​Silva is a silver CKC registered toy poodle.  She weighs 7 pounds.

Satin is a CKC liver and white parti mini schnauzer.  She only weighs 5 pounds.

​JoJo is a brown AKC registered standard poodle.  She is 25 inches and 50 pounds.  Health tested clear.


​Lila is a salt and pepper CKC mini schnauzer she weighs 8 pounds

Kennedy is a F1 CKC Registered Labradoodle.  She weighs 40 pounds.